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Doganov (concert)

vrijdag, 27 april, 2018 - 21:00Gratis
Concert • Metal
Heavy Dance Metal uit Hasselt in Café Café


The Belgian band Doganov formed in 2010. To describe their music, you have to think Praga Khan meets Rammstein, with intermittent dashes of new wave hooks sprinkled liberally throughout. Blending industrial, EBM, new wave, metal and rock, the band sounds
heavy yet danceable.

Doganov calls their music ‘something dark to dance to‘ which is also the title of their first EP released in 2013. The single ‘History’ quickly followed during that year after which the band performed several headlining shows, but also gigs in support of Punish Yourself, Die Krupps and Deadcell amongst others.

In 2015, Doganov released their first full album ‘Conducting Chaos’, which was mixed by Didier-Dee-J-Moens from La Muerte and which also contains a cover version of the infamous track ‘HeadHunter’ from Front 242 which they also perform live.

Doganov created remixes for USA’s electronic band I:Scintilla (Skin Tight), Belgian electrorock outfit Goose (What You Need remixes) and is also featured on the b-side remixes of La Muerte’s Headhunter vinyl album (Whack This Guy). Somewhere on YouTube there is also a hidden gem in the form of a cover version of Hurt which they released to support the losses during the Belgian terrorist attacks in March 2016.

Fast forward today, Doganov has a great ear for riffs, the synth melodies are excellent, the dance-orientated pace of the songs gives them a little more range in appeal, and the vocals are massive and performed with passion throughout.

Their new single ‘Twincest’ released in January 2018 sounds exciting, punchy, tight and still with a certain catchy melody behind it. The accompanying video clip features a man in his underwear driving around in an old car, with a twist. See for yourself on the known social channels.

Doganov is currently finalizing their latest music in the form of a brand new EP, with some surprises added on top of it. More to come soon...



Organisator: BelgianArtZone BVBA


Café Café Meldertstraat,, 3500 Hasselt