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The Moving Heads (jazz-rock) + Jam session

vrijdag, 26 april, 2019 - 20:30Free price
Concert • Vrij podium • Jazz • Rock • World
A powerful mixture of jazz, rock, funk and world music


Brussels' based The Moving Heads was formed in 2016 when guitarist and composer Ian Rigillo met Dan "the drummer" Leblanc and bassist Olivier Waterkeyn. Keyboardist Pierre Debehogne has recently joined them to form a quartet.

The music of The Moving Heads can best be described as Fusion as it a powerful mixture of jazz, rock, funk and world music. The tracks are melodic, intense, groovy and carefully-arranged with a lot of space provided for musicians to improvise.The Moving Heads will make your head swing!

Followed by a jam session (end : 00h00)

Vidéo :


The Moving Heads
Ian Rigillo: guitar & compositions
Pierre Debehogne: keyboards
Olivier Waterkeyn: bass
Dan Leblanc: drums

Interview :
FB : Babelmet
FB : The Moving Heads

Organisator: @ Babelmet


BABELMET Richard Vandeveldestraat 40, 1030 1030 Schaarbeek-Helmet